Innovation, Creativity, Change, Culture and Leadership and Relate these definitions to your Company: Leading Innovation and Cultural Change Assignment, LSB,UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Leading Innovation and Cultural Change


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Innovation, Creativity, Change, Culture and Leadership and Relate these definitions to your Company: Leading Innovation and Cultural Change Assignment, LSB,UK
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The key focus at this point is on the following areas :

What is Strategy: definition and discuss in relation to your chosen company.
Definitions: Debate the following: innovation, creativity, change, culture, and leadership and relate these definitions to your company.

Discuss the Competitive Business Environment in detail: Analyse: identify 10 key issues.

Discuss: The Dynamic & Changing Nature of the Competitive Environment
Identify 4/5 Factors that could have influenced Change within the your organization and debate the impact.

Discuss Types of Change: radical, incremental etc…

Discuss Types of Leadership: transformational/transactional/autocratic, democratic etc  : discuss differences and how these how affected your organization.

Discuss & Analysis Types of Organizational Change and apply to your organization , providing actual examples and apply their theories to your chosen organization.

Choose Theorists from the following: Lewin, Carnal, Keebler-Ross, Burns, Christensen, Singe, Chesborough etc.

Analyse the Operations of your Chosen Organisation including:

– Consider the Strategy, Structure & Systems:

  • Corporate Best Practice in areas of new product development, innocation, leadership, corporate culture and the management of change.
  • Examine the HR strategy of your company includes ; Competencies of employees, managerial capabilities & Professional competencies
  • Examine the Organizational Culture using Trompenaars , Handy, Hofstede or Deal & Kennedy.
  • How does New Product Development or Stage Gate processes work in practice in your organization.
  • Explore the Innovation Process within your organization.
  • Identify if your organization has a Learning Culture, if not , would it benefit from one.
  • How does project management work in practice within your chosen organisation, could it be improved.
  • Which are the main Stakeholders impacting the strategic decisions within your organisation.
  • Does the organisational Structure fit the company in 2021, does it need to change.
  • How could the organisational Systems: including HRM, Operations, and Finance & Marketing be improved within your organisation to improve innovation.

DEBATE: Potential use of Ambidextrous Leadership, Inspirational or Transformational Leadership within the Organisation.

Discuss the evidence and reaction of your company to the threat of Disruptive Technologies.

Explore how your chosen business could sustain the effective management of change in the future.

Explore how your chosen company could spread innovation within the business and support future change in 2020-2025.

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