Interdisciplinary studies (dee) | Education homework help

Sep 13, 2023


This week you will use the case study  to examine the usefulness of interdisciplinary studies “in the real world.

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Interdisciplinary studies (dee) | Education homework help
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First, answer these questions:

1. What is the claim/argument/thesis/major finding of the article? (i.e. what is its purpose? what is it trying to convince you of?)

2. What disciplines did the article appeal to/use/integrate?

3. What evidence did the article employ to support its claim/argument/thesis/major finding?

Then: Consider how the findings of the article represent a real world application of interdisciplinary studies. Using specific examples and evidence from the article, explain how an interdisciplinary approach/method/synthesis helped understand the problem or issue in a way that a disciplinary approach or method might not have.

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