It about divesity | English homework help

Aug 9, 2023


Choose one of the topics below and respond to it for this assignment. You must respond to all parts of your chosen topic.

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It about divesity | English homework help
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Format: 12 point font. Times New Roman font, double spaced. Minimum 1 full page. Paragraphs, complete sentences, good grammar should be a part of your paper. Vulgarities will not be tolerated.

Topics to pick from:

1.      Respond to any topics brought up in the textbook or a news article related to diversity.


2.      How did your family immigrate to the United States? How did they end up in the area they live in today?


3.      Write a set of instructions explaining how to become a “typical” student at your college. Focus on clothing, possessions, behavior, and customs that would have to be adopted to belong to your college’s dominant culture.


4.      Trace the process of how you became a member of a particular community within your town or school (a social clique, social organization, activity, etc.).


5.      Consider the way the media perpetuates negative stereotypes. Think of examples from movies, TV shows, or newspapers that characterize persons from specific groups. Discuss whether you think the portrayals are accurate or whether you believe they misrepresent reality.


6.      Discuss an example of your own stereotype or one about which you have read that illustrates an instance of misunderstanding that occurs when the signals sent by a person of one culture are misinterpreted by a person from another culture.


7.      How do you think you would have to change if you moved from a rural to an urban areas, or vice versa? What changes would you consider to be negative or positive?


8.      How have your parents’ attitudes and experiences helped to shape your ideas about the value of work and/or education?


9.      What kinds of role models are important to children in your community? What are different categories of role models, and how do they influence young people?



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