Journal 6 | English homework help

Aug 10, 2023


Theme (theem) n: a common thread or repeated idea that is incorporated throughout a literary work. A theme is a thought or idea the text presents to the reader that may be philosophical, sociological, or moralistic in nature. Generally, a theme has to be extracted as the reader explores the passages of a work, by utilizing the characters, plot, and other literary devices. In truly great works of literature, the theme is intertwined throughout the work and the full impact is slowly realized as the reader processes the text. The ability to recognize a theme is important because it allows the reader to understand part of the author’s purpose in writing the book. 

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Journal 6 | English homework help
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There are a multitude of complex themes at play within The Road, some of which we have already begun to discuss in class together, some of which you may have identified on your own. Please construct three that you are possibly interested in exploring within Project Text (you may want to develop a theme from what you have already written in your prior journal posts). Explain what the themes are in as much detail as you can and then pick some key quotes/passages from the text that point to your theme and explain how they do so. Make sure to include page numbers.


500 word minimum.



I want it so simple. in 8 hours or less.


here is the link for the book read from page 33 ‘the ashes..’ to page 53 and the first line on 54 “nothing, let’s go”

and if you need my old journals that u wrote before let me know.



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