Leadership development: philosophy, governance, and skills

Sep 14, 2023

In this assignment, you will address leadership skills and philosophies, and how the skills of the leader, as well as the leader’s management philosophy, impact service delivery. As part of this assignment, you will look at your own skills and consider the skills and practices of leaders you have observed.

This assignment has three components:

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Leadership development: philosophy, governance, and skills
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1. Imagine you are taking a leadership role for the organization you have identified in your previous assignments.

· Describe the leadership role and title for your position.

· Develop a leadership statement that you would use as your leadership philosophy in this role or position. Your leadership philosophy must reflect service delivery practices for all internal and external customers. The philosophy must also address the unique components of service delivery as a nonprofit, for-profit, or government organization.

· Provide a rationale for the philosophy you identified.

2. Create a list of 10 to 15 leadership skills or competencies you believe will be important skills for you to have in assuming the leadership role you will be taking in your identified organization.

· Provide a brief definition for each skill.

· Evaluate how these skills are important for addressing the trends and competitive forces that influence the identified organization.

· Include literature sources to support your decisions about the skills you identified.

3. Assess your competency at each of the skills you have identified above.

· Select your level of mastery at each skill, using a scale of one to five, with five indicating you have achieved mastery and one indicating you believe you are still a novice at the skill.

· Identify the top five skills you want to focus on for your professional development over the next three to five years.

· Discuss what actions you believe you will need to take to improve your skills in each identified area.

· Identify someone whom you might ask to mentor you for each skill area, and discuss how you would approach that person to obtain mentorship support.

Use the template provided in the assignment resources to complete the assignment.

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