Marketing Internship ReportMarketing Internship Report

Feb 15, 2024

Marketing Internship Report

describing accomplishment of the learning plan, specifically addressing your objectives. This assignment must be 5 pages long, in the following format: double-spaced, single-sided, Times New Roman font type, 12-point font size, 1-inch margins all around. Remember this is a business paper which must be written in a concise style using headings and subheadings. You will lose points if you do not use the correct format.

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Marketing Internship ReportMarketing Internship Report
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Learning Objectives: What will you learn from this internship?

Understand and be familiar with general business methods and methods of marketing. Understand the current situation of the market and put forward suggestions for improvement.

How will this internship enhance your academic knowledge and professional preparation?

Hands-on experience in a fully functioning Marketing Department and real professional experience taught me more than the best classes could have taught me. I am not only learning but also applying what I have learned. I learn from completing tasks, attending meetings. Being immersed in such a creative environment opened me up to more ideas and allowed me to think outside my comfort zone.

Describe the activities or projects of this internship that support your learning objective.

I will collaborate with the marketing and advertising team in all stages of marketing campaigns. 

Understands and acknowledges the risks associated with participation in the internship may include, but are not limited to: (list three)

1. Once entry into the Program has occurred, the Intern may not move or transfer to another host organization. 2. I will carry out my duties and responsibilities as an Intern to the best of my abilities. 3. Highly Organized, Can Multi-Task

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