MBA7013-Using the Selected Organisation you have Agreed with your Tutor Undertake a Critical Analysis of Key Strategic Challenges: Strategic Management Assignment UoB, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Strategic Management
  1. Assignment Brief:
    Background You should approach this assignment from the perspective of a Business Consultant engaged to critically evaluate the challenges facing a selected organization in developing and deploying a strategy for sustainable competitive advantage. This will require you to apply a range of models and concepts in exploring strategic issues, processes, and resources, plus the recommendation of plausible and evidence-based options suitable for your selected organization.
  2. Important! Before undertaking any work on this assignment, please select an appropriate organization within which to contextualize your work, and seek written confirmation from your module tutor (or tutorial leader) that this is suitable for your paper. Please submit this written confirmation (normally an email) as an appendix to your written work.
  3. Assignment Tasks Using the selected organization you have agreed with your tutor, undertake a critical analysis of key strategic challenges it faces, using an evidence-based approach to inform your assessment. Where you use tools, models, or theories of Strategic Management to structure your analysis, you must include commentary setting out your rationale for adopting these and explaining any key critical issues associated with their use in exploring strategy.
  1. From your analysis, present a prioritized summary of the organization’s key strategic challenges, supporting this with an explanation of how these priorities were arrived at.
  2. Next, for each of the two highest-ranked strategic priorities from your analysis, explore the strategic options potentially available to your selected organization, providing theoretical support to frame your discussion.
    As a practical output from your assessment, draw appropriate and logical conclusions and recommendations that would, in your view, best enhance your organization’s competitive position, using evidence set out previously in your analysis to support your proposals. Finally, comment upon the effectiveness of the tools and techniques of strategic management in supporting your investigation, evaluation, and building recommendations. Please include a short reflective assessment of your overall learning journey in completing the assignment, using an appropriate framework (e.g. Gibbs Reflective Cycle) to set out insights and their chronology.

The module learning outcomes addressed by this assignment are:

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MBA7013-Using the Selected Organisation you have Agreed with your Tutor Undertake a Critical Analysis of Key Strategic Challenges: Strategic Management Assignment UoB, UK
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LO1 – critically evaluate the challenges faced by managers in the development and deployment of strategy
LO2 – understand and apply a range of alternative models and concepts in dealing with strategic planning issues in order to achieve competitive advantage
LO3 – critically evaluate the processes and outcomes in the implementation of strategic choices facing an organization
LO4 – successfully deploy relevant critical, analytical, and academic skills in an extended piece of writing related to Strategic Management.

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