MOD000011: Foundations of Criminal Law Assignment: ARU, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Foundations of Criminal Law

Question 1                
Alan and Chris decide to visit an art museum in Plaxton. When in the museum, Chris is looking at his mobile phone screen while walking around and as a result stumbles and falls onto a priceless painting causing serious damage to it. A security guard, Ed, arrives at the scene and tells them that he is going to call the police. Alan shouts at him ‘Back off, we haven’t done anything, and pushes him. Ed loses his balance and falls over, hitting his head. His injuries are more severe than would normally be expected because he has an abnormally thin skull.

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MOD000011: Foundations of Criminal Law Assignment: ARU, UK
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An ambulance arrives at the scene. Eddies on his way to the hospital.

Discuss possible criminal liability of the parties.
Question 2
Vicky is a drug addict. One day she leaves home determined to steal something she can sell to fund her drug habit. She passes a house and notices that a small window is open on the side of the house.   She attempts to climb into the window but gets stuck with her head, upper body, and arms in the house and her legs outside.  She cannot move.  A passer-by calls the police and the fire brigade.  The fire brigade releases her from the window and a police officer arrests her.
At the same time, her flatmate Teresa is drinking in her favorite pub when a girl she does not like gets into an argument with her.  They go outside and Teresa punches the girl and knocks her out.  As the girl falls to the ground her handbag is open and her purse falls to the ground.  Teresa decides to steal the purpose. She is caught stealing and is arrested.

Advise Vicky and Teresa.
Question 3
Dave and Phil are mountaineers attached to the same rope. Phil is hanging below Dave and it becomes increasingly obvious that the rope will break before rescue can arrive and they will both fall to their deaths. If Dave were to cut the rope, Phil would be killed, but the rope would be strong enough to hold Dave until he can be rescued. Dave cuts the rope.
Advise Dave.

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