Moral Reasoning

Jul 4, 2023

For our assignment this week, we will be looking at the complexities of moral reasoning. To begin, complete the interactive experiment, based on the famous Trolley Dilemma, from (linked below). Be sure to keep a record of your answers as you work through the questions, and then read the analyses of your answers at the end of the experiment.

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Moral Reasoning
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Note: The final page of this activity is titled: “Is it Because He’s Fat: A Piece of Bigotry” – you do not need to continue beyond that page.

For your essay this week, discuss what you learned about your own moral reasoning compared with the moral reasoning of others who participated in this experiment (this will be available to you in the analysis section).

The following questions should help guide your writing:

In the preliminary questions, what answers did you select and why did you select them?

In the scenario questions, (The Runaway Train, The Fat Man on the Bridge, The Saboteur, and The Fat Man and the Ticking Bomb), what answers did you select and why did you select them?

In the analysis section, were your preliminary answers and your scenario answers consistent? If not, why not?

How do your answers compare with the answers of others who also participated in this experiment?

What does this experiment tell you about yourself and others in terms of moral reasoning?

Your completed assignment should be written primarily in first person and should be 500- words in length. If you use sources in your writing, be sure to identify them. If you use any direct language from a source, be sure to place those words in quotation marks.

Preview of the answer..

The dilemma of the trolley is an important subject when it comes to ethics. It is considered to shape the inception of ethics and philosophy. The dilemma provided in the case of the fat man is important in understanding the modernity of ethics and what is considered as the moral thing to do. Dilemmas tend to bring the structure of how ethics are resolved and proposal of the best theories to use to ensure that the best thing is done…

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