Morals/ethics and human behaviorMorals/ethics and human behavior

Feb 15, 2024

Morals/ethics and human behavior

Imogene Badpenny is the supervisor for Grantham County Sheriff’s Department dispatchers.  Badpenny has worked for Grantham County for 16 years with a stellar work record.  Recently, Badpenny has started dating Mitch Dreadford who is known by local law enforcement as one of the biggest drug dealers in the county.  Dreadford has a previous felony arrest and served time in prison for the sale, distribution, and manufacturing of methamphetamines.

Badpenny believes she is in love with Dreadford but is keeping her relationship a secret because of Dreadford’s past criminal history.  Badpenny would prefer to avoid any negative comments or being scrutinized by the officers or dispatchers that she works with because or her choice in boyfriends. 

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Morals/ethics and human behaviorMorals/ethics and human behavior
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Recently, Badpenny started dispatching part-time for the University City Police Department to give her extra funds to buy a new car.

Dreadford lives in University City, which is located in Grantham County.  From time to time Badpenny, will visit Dreadford at his home.  However, Badpenny does not want the officers in University City finding out that she is dating Dreadford, so when she visits Dreadford, Badpenny parks her vehicle a couple of blocks away and then walks to Dreadford’s house.

While working at both Grantham County Sheriff’s Department and University City, Badpenny has access to sensitive information like social security numbers, driver’s license information, and past criminal records.  In addition to all the personal information, Badpenny is allowed to view past and current criminal investigations from the officers and detectives.  During her 16 years of employment, Badpenny has never violated any departmental policies or procedures and rarely calls in sick.  Also, to obtain her position as a police dispatcher, Badpenny passed an intensive background investigation and a polygraph examination. 

Assignment one:

For this week’s assignment, analyze the scenario above – in a 2 to 3 – page paper applying at least four ethical concepts to this situation (two from chapter one and two from chapter two).  Also, discuss whether this scenario would align with the beliefs of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, or Stoics – give examples. 

In addition to your textbook, find one scholarly article retrieved from the Grantham Library – EBSCO host to help support the concepts you selected from your textbook. 

Type all papers in Times New Roman 12pt font – include the header, title page, and reference page; APA formatting is required in this course.  Use at least two scholarly reference sources such as the textbook and scholarly peer-reviewed articles obtained from the Grantham Library. Additional references may be procured from the Internet. Citing your references by using parenthetical citations (in-text citations) is a skill that each student must demonstrate in this course.

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