Natural world | Architecture and Design homework help

Aug 11, 2023

Go to Art Through time: A Global view, review “The Natural World” art image of mountains by Artist Hiroshige( suijin shine and massaki on sumida river from one hundred famous views of Edo) and Muybridge (falls of the yosemite). Anwers question:

  1. How does each position the viewer in relationship to the mountain in question? How does this impact your response to the work?

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Natural world | Architecture and Design homework help
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2. Use St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square by Artist Michelangelo Buonarro or Benjamin Franklin Parkway by Artist Paul Philippe Cret to support and answer question.

   How has the organization of a city (its plan or organic layout) represented the values and beliefs of the citizens within it or their leaders? 

3.  review the image, Early Spring by Artist Guo Xi (Kuo Hsi) and Art The Penitence of St.  by Artist Joachim Patinir. Answer the question:

 Mountains are central to both Guo Xi’s Early Spring and Patinir’s Penitence of St. Jerome. What symbolic meaning is tied to mountains for each of the artists? Do you think that there are features of the natural world that carry universal significance?

4. Use the image, The Working Class by Artist José Clemente Orozco and the art Tribute to Jackie Robinson by Artist David McShane to support and answer the questions:

 * Who commissioned each of these murals?

 * How does the identity of the person, group, or organization behind the work’s creation affect your understanding of the mural’s intended meaning and purpose? 

  • Why should we think about the physical environments for these works?
  • What do each tell us about the intended audience for each mural?

5. Think about and describe a sculpture garden that you would want to own. A fantasy one with access to limitless resources. Remember here that the emphasis is on sculpture, and how people relate to it. Think about what you would like to have around you, and why. Include three specific works, at least by title. 

N/B: Brief Answers only, number according to questions please. 3 pages maximum. No references needed


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