One health | English homework help

Aug 9, 2023

– APA format, in-text citation, references include 4 pages for deliverable 1 and fill out the press format for deliverable 2

Deliverable 1 

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One health | English homework help
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1. Identify a One Health challenge that requires collaboration and coordination. The challenge can be retrospective, prospective, or “just in time”.  

2. Apply six OH-SMART steps used to evaluate the One Health challenges

3. Evaluate the potential effectiveness of the applied framework to the selected One Health challenge. Define 2-3 measurable benchmarks you evaluate your application against.  Provide 2-3 challenges for the implementation and successful application of OH-SMART. How would you propose to overcome them?

Deliverable 2:

4. Prepare a communication annex sharing your findings and recommendations with NGO funding stakeholders and other relevant stakeholders you wish to develop a project addressing the chosen challenge. Make sure to target your press release to the audience you address. Format find the link in attachment 

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