Organizational Types, Functions and the Changing Business Environment: Business and the Business Environment, Assignment, UOL, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Business and the Business Environment

Businesses derive value by satisfying the needs and wants of their customers. For businesses to be successful in providing for market needs and wants, they must have well-structured internal mechanisms and should be up to date with the changes in a business environment.

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Organizational Types, Functions and the Changing Business Environment: Business and the Business Environment, Assignment, UOL, UK
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You have been employed as a junior business analyst by a local consultancy firm.

  • A new client, Crescent Group has approached your consultancy. Crescent Group has a diverse investment portfolio with subsidiaries in Steel, Sugar, textile and Chemicals industries in Pakistan.
  • Crescent Group is looking to diversify its business further and is seeking advice from your consultancy to advise on various possible investment ventures.
  • Crescent Group has asked you to provide in-depth knowledge of internal mechanisms and business environment conditions which impact local businesses.
  • Your manager has asked you to choose three organizations of your choice, from any one of the following industries from Pakistan;

    –           Pharmaceutical Industry

    –           Education Industry

    –           Hospitality Industry

    and investigate and analyze the complexities of different types of business structures and the interrelationships of the different organizational functions.

Task 1

You are to present a comprehensive business report including the following:

  • An introduction of different types and purposes of organizations, including public, private, and voluntary sectors and their legal structures.
  • An explanation of each of the chosen organizations, including background details of the organization; the products and services they supply; the size and scope of the organization; their vision, mission, and business objectives; the organizational and legal structure; and information about their stakeholders. Also analyze how the structure, size, and scope of these organizations are linked to their business objectives and product and services offered by them.
  • For one of the selected organizations explain how different organizational functions are linked with the business objectives. Using the organizational chart, examine the link between functional departments and organizational structure. Also, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the interrelationship between organization functions and the impact they can have upon the organizational structure. You must critically analyze, how this is different from the other two organizations.

Task 2

The ongoing global pandemic has changed business dynamics and social constructs across the globe. Considering this, the client has asked you to provide an understanding of macro and microenvironments that influence or impact any one of the three chosen organizations. You are to produce a report and present a summary of findings to the client.

Your report must include;

  • A detailed macro environment analysis using the PESTLE to identify the positive and negative impact the macro environment has on business operations, providing specific examples for your selected business.
  • A comprehensive assessment of internal and external analysis of your selected business using appropriate models (including SWOT) to identify its strengths and weaknesses and an explanation of how these relate to the macro factors identified earlier.
  • Analyse and justify how strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats identified for the business influence its decision making and critically evaluate the impact macro and microenvironment have upon business objectives and decision making

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