Permanent tutor/employment | Social Science homework help

Jul 20, 2023

I’m currently looking for a reliable individual to fill a permanent position. This position will take place in August-December 2023, January-May 2024. Work will be consistent. Following the syllabus Directions, Grammer, Writing, and submitting assignments by the deadline is essential for this position.

I will issue a bonus to the Individual that I have decided as the best candidate. I will also issue an assignment that has already been submitted, that has a letter grade of F.  

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Permanent tutor/employment | Social Science homework help
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I will view the way you follow directions, Writing & Grammer. Please remember, this position is not until August. There is no rush But I will be reading assignments. 

I’m a straightforward person, this is not a finesse. PLEASE DON’T INBOX ME, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DISQUALIFIED!       

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