Person-centered value Are core communication and relationship-building skills Conversations to engage with people: Person-Centered Coursework, QMU, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Person-Centered

1a Person-centered approaches for care support include:

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Person-centered value Are core communication and relationship-building skills Conversations to engage with people: Person-Centered Coursework, QMU, UK
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Person-centered value.  Are core communication and relationship-building skills.

Conversations to engage with people.

Conversations to engage and support people.

Conversations with people to manage the highest complexity and significant risk.

Enabling people to work in this way through.

Development of the workforce.

Development of organizations and systems.

Supporting behaviour.

1b Why is it important in a way that embeds person centred values.

It helps or allow the individual to be recognised, feel valued and respected.  Also being focused on what is needed for the individual.  Helping the individual to feel control of their own life talking to people, feeling the sense of their environment encourage them to gain confidence and take better action.

1c. Why is it important to gain consent even when it is difficult.

We must respect the individual and their personal dignity.  So, support must be provided under their wish.  When the lack capacity then it must be overruled.

1d. The importance of choice.

It helps the individual to feel valued, receive services in a way that suits them and have control over the services is delivered.

1e. How using an individual’s care plan contributes to working in a person-centred way.

Because it helps to provide information about individual care, preferences wish and needs.  By making time for people, thinking about their needs, good communication.  Handover a work left to the next shift, ensuring your colleague is aware of what is left.

1f. Why treating people as valuable and unique individuals makes a big difference in how they feel.

Because the individual gets supported and included in any decision made,

it helps the individual to identify what they can do or try to improve the quality of their care.

Examples in practice

Ophelia is a Health Care Assistant working in the acute medical ward

One of my patients has refused to have a chest x-ray.  He said he is tired of being moving about several times.  He thinks he will be fine without the x-ray; he declined all his medication and will not allow us to check his blood sugar levels.  Ideally, this man will not allow any treatment for improvement on his condition.  So, we had a conversation about what he does for a living.  I paid much attention to the conversation and made him feel valued.

I laid much emphasis on how he will get better after the x-ray.  He later made it clear to me and other colleagues he was excited and enjoy the conversation since his admission.

Jacob is a health care support worker working in the Emergency department

He had a very challenging behavior the patient was always angry, aggressive, hitting, kicking staff many times.  Jacob got closer to the patient and found a way of talking to him to calm him down.  He offered him a cup of coffee and made one for himself as they sat in a very quiet area and chat about how things will get better in his life if he stops abusing staff. He realized his mistakes got a bit tearful and apologized for his behavior.  He mentioned how kind and patient the staff are, and he will recommend anyone to come to us for treatment.

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