Project close-out reports item options

Sep 12, 2023


The Project Manager for GDS is ready to prepare documentation for the closing phase of the project. You are chosen to assist the project manager with preparation of documents and reports for this phase. You are responsible for creating an Executive Summary to present to GDS Senior Management and identifying reports that will be most useful to the project team and stakeholders across the project lifecycle, including closing reports, tools and techniques to remediate slippage within the project schedule.

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Project close-out reports item options
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Using a Word document, analyze the various project reports provided in MS Project Software deemed most useful to use across the project lifecycle. Create an Executive Summary with high-level details of the project to present to GDS Senior Management.

  • Provide a brief explanation of why each report is important to the performance of the project.
  • Using Microsoft Project, create the Slippage Report by selecting the “In Progress” tab under “Reports.” Explain three strategies that could help get the project back on track.
  • Create an Executive Summary to present to GDS Senior Management.

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