QAC020N252S: We have been given a case study scenario related to the improvement of the layout of an online banking site for a better customer experience: User Experience Design, Report, UORL, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject QAC020N252S: User Experience Design


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QAC020N252S: We have been given a case study scenario related to the improvement of the layout of an online banking site for a better customer experience: User Experience Design, Report, UORL, UK
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For this assignment, we have been given a case study scenario related to the
improvement of the layout of an online banking site for a better customer experience. The company in question is a bank called Mebak Bank and we, in the role of junior designers, need to improve the user experience of several online services. We should also take into consideration the design of the website, mobile, and iPad in the sense of making them user-friendly and by that providing perfectly consistent and coherent access to the online banking services.

User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product

To achieve these, I will be using and implementing the five planes of James Garrett’s methodology for designing digital products. According to Garrett, a good user experience is based on multiple decisions of variable importance which dictate how the whole site looks in the end. All those decisions are being ‘built one upon another, informing and influencing all aspects of the user experience

  • Strategy Plane Research
  1. Product Objectives
    This product’s objective is an online banking system that allows seamless access to all of the bank’s digital services. It should be able to provide access to millions of customers and increase bank’s competitiveness. The services should be available on a website, and also available as a mobile and iPad app.
  2. User Needs
    The main users of the product will be the bank’s personal and business customers as well as the bank’s employees who will administer the services. The products need to be easily accessible by a wide range of users and should provide all services in an easily accessible format.
  3. Agile Methodology
    Due to the scope of the project and a wide range of users this project will adopt an agile approach. Instead of defining and designing all the requirements before starting development this project will be developed in an iterative schedule where components can be developed and deployed one after another. This will give the bank a quicker access to the market as the users can start using some of the components before the whole project is completed. Having multiple short iterations will also allow the designers to gain feedback from the users which will be incorporated in the following iterations. Using a continuous loop of Build-Measure-Learn the team can quickly produce a testable iteration of the product and test the assumptions based on qualitative user feedback and quantitative measures.
  4. Questionnaires
    For the purposes of gathering the necessary information, I will make use of qualitative research which explores things in a natural setting. It “involves the studied use and collection of a variety of empirical materials – case study, personal experience, introspective, life story, interview…” (Denzin and Lincoln 1994: 2

According to Unger and Chandler (2012) the UX designer role is to help the project team understand the business-related context of the project. One way to achieve this is by site visiting during which the designer holds workshops or interviews with the future users to better understand the expectations and user needs and roles.

A questionnaire will be produced in order to conduct interviews for the users. The aim of using a questionnaire is to collect information on a specific subject area by using a set of questions. These set of questions form a questionnaire that can be qualitative or quantitative in nature. There are two types of questions: open-ended and
close-ended questions.

  • The Scope Plane

The aim of the Scope Plane is to determine the features and functions of the product. This is done by defining Functional Specifications and Content Requirements. Functional Specification is a “detailed description of the “feature set” of the product” (Garrett, 2000) while the Content Requirements are a “description of the various content elements”

  • User Stories and Storyboards

User stories are short statements that identify the user and their needs and goals. They capture the common processes the users are going to perform on the product, and they help to document the practical information about the users. These are some user stories developed based on the user personas in the previous stage

  • Scenario
  1. Fit Town Limited is an online selling company, looking to design and develop an up-to-date system to effectively cater for the needs of their growing business. Due to the rapid increase of online selling demand and to stay ahead of its competitors, the company has decided to improve the layout of its existing system to improve customers’ online experience.
  2. You are required to improve the end users’ journey for the following online selling services. You must also consider the website, mobile and iPad-friendly design.
  • Customer Signup
  • Customer login
  • Customers’ add to cart option
  • Customer’s PayPal payments
  • Customer profile
  • Customers search
  • Admin- customers’ orders management

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