Read description (leadership in advocacy) wk reflection

Sep 13, 2023

DUE AUGUST 27, 2023 11:00 PM

Course: School Counseling

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Read description (leadership in advocacy) wk reflection
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ASCA- American School Counselor Association  

View: ASCA Webinar: Cross-cultural Counseling: Understand Bias and Practice HumilityLinks to an external site.

Read: NASP Understanding Race & PrivilegeLinks to an external site.

Write a reflective analysis of the ASCA Webinar and NASP article.

Consider the following questions:

  • Review how bias and privilege affect the counseling relationship
  • Strategize ways to incorporate equity into you school counseling practice
  • Identify proactive strategies to connect with students cross-culturally
  • In the NASP article, (1) what is the role of privilege? (2) How does this article inform a School Counselor in facilitating positive change and unity within the community?

Note. A general summary is unacceptable for this assignment. Refer to the rubrics for evaluation domains.

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