Required to go through a set of written business communication tasks and decide on the most appropriate solution or treatment for each case scenario: Communication Skills Assignment UoL, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Communication Skills
S2Assessment Brief
For this assessment, you will be required to go through a set of written business communication tasks and decide on the most appropriate solution or treatment for each case scenario.

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Required to go through a set of written business communication tasks and decide on the most appropriate solution or treatment for each case scenario: Communication Skills Assignment UoL, UK
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Important Instructions:

  1.  This paper has five tasks.
  2. . Each task must be attempted and typed using MS Office Word.
  3. . Ensure that all work has been proofread and checked prior to submission.
  4. Ensure that the layout of your documents is in a professional format with font style Arial or Times New Roman, font size 12 for the text, font 14 for sub-headings, and font 16 for main headings

Task 1

You are working for a company. Your organization has been engaging in a variety of non-profit initiatives and your job is to publicize any event on the most important industry-related website.

Deliver your message to attract both people and the media to them:

  • Think of the initiative/event and any necessary detail (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Engage your readers and convince them to take part in the event/initiative

Task 2

As a project lead, you know how important it is to promote good teamwork and acknowledge everyone’s effort. You have been recently working on a very important project ‘Eco-friendly Solutions’ with the aim to provide alternatives to single-use cups for the customers of your business –  Coffee House.

It is your job to pull together a team report in order to present what has been achieved in a board meeting. The group consists of your peers and a few subordinates, and each has been working on a different section of the report. There have been a few issues along the way, some team members needed extra support.
The deadline is approaching, and you need to be sure the pieces come in on schedule.
Write an email to your team to ensure the project is completed by the deadline.

Task 3

Your HR department has embarked on a new project – an initiative that you feel very strongly about A Mentoring Programme for Newly-joined Staff. The aim of the program is to help new staff to quickly adapt to the operations and ways of working in the team, have a personal mentor they can ask questions of, and integrate into the team.
You would love to become the team leader of this project as you believe that you have got the right experience, qualifications, and skills.
Write to your manager to persuade them that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

In your e-mail:

  • Explain what this project means to you and why you would like to lead it
  • Refer to your history, experience, qualifications, and skills
  • Explain what you would bring to the job beyond the bare essentials
  • Why you are the best possible candidate for this position

Task 4

You are currently working on a new departmental initiative – introducing a range of sportswear.
As a project coordinator, you have just had a meeting with your team.  Unfortunately, one of the key members of your team came in 30 minutes late and instead of focusing on what has been discussed, he/she was constantly texting, which disrupted proceedings.
You are concerned about your team member and would like to find out the reasons for his/her behavior.
In order not to embarrass the team member in front of everyone else, you have decided to email them after the meeting.
Compose an email highlighting the issues of lateness and texting, and associated impacts.

Task 5 

You are an employee of a business (think of the name of the company you work for) who is also engaged in an environmental concern group called ‘Ethical Future’. You have been asked by your team to produce a short report which will be presented as part of the negotiations with the company’s management on how to make money while becoming a more sustainable business. Referring to what has been covered in the module and your own research conducted on the topic of sustainability in business, write the report suggesting the best way forward for the company.

Remember to:

  • Present your ideas clearly,
  • Balance your arguments,
  • Justify your points and support them with relevant examples using your influencing and negotiation skills.
  • Ensure you include all the important parts of a report, i.e. introduction, main body: balanced arguments supported by examples, and conclusion.


The Writing College will be marked according to the following criteria:

  • Written communication skills (35%): Convey clear and concise messages, achieve the objective, and adapt the right tone to help facilitate effective and good quality communication.
  • Influencing and negotiation skills (30%): Present ideas convincingly, balance your arguments, justify your points and support them with relevant examples (e.g. refer to your research on sustainability) using your influencing and negotiation skills
  • Presentation and word count (25%): Use professional formats, appropriate structure, and design in presenting your answer, and adhere to the required word count.
  • Accuracy of written communication skills (10%): Ensure your work is clearly communicated with no mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation

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