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Jul 19, 2023

Developed by Pamela Hays (1996, 2008), the “ADDRESSING” model is a framework that facilitates recognition and understanding of the complexities of individual identity. According to Hays, consideration of Age, developmental Disabilities, acquired Disabilities, Religion, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Socioeconomic status, Indigenous group membership, Nationality, and Gender contributes to a complete understanding of cultural identity. Each factor can help scholar-practitioners understand underrepresented groups and oppressive forces.

To have a full understanding of what is required for this pape

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Rp | Psychology homework help
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  1. Study: ADDRESSING Model Framework and Overview 
  2. Read: What Is Intersectionality
  3. Watch and Read: Pamela Hays’ ADDRESSING Framework

Using APA-style in-text citations, complete the FNU Hays ADDRESSING Model.

  1. Must meet the 1000-word requirement (the body of the pape must be 3-4 pages).
  2. Must follow the APA writing style, particularly:

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