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Aug 6, 2023

Research for a crime that has been reported in the media.  Prepare a 1-2 page essay addressing the elements of crime-mens reaactus reus, concurrence and proximate cause. Your essay should include a brief summary of the crime and how the conduct satisfied the different elements.  MLA format.

Make sure you cite your source. 

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See below | Law homework help
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Try using the following format when writing essays to help you organize your thoughts and to ensure you have an analysis.

Summary of the crime as reported, including relevant facts.

Explain and define the different concepts of the essay topic

Explain how the conduct satisfied the different elements of the crime or topic of the essay.


LIKE A CORRECTIONS PROFESSIONAL You are a district court judge, and a 30-year-old public school teacher is appearing before you on a bench trial. She is charged with having sex with two male high school students, both of whom are juniors. She has pleaded guilty and is awaiting your sentence. The teacher is six months pregnant and has been divorced for a number of years. What will be your sentence? What are the most important factors leading you to your sentence? Is it important that you make an example of her so that other similar cases will not take place in nearby school districts?


In order to receive full credit (25 points) you must use the eText reading material and you must submit at least 3 well-developed paragraphs.  Chapter 1,2,3 Corrections Today the third edition 

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