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Aug 7, 2023

For this assignment, you will submit a profile of a serial offender that you will be selecting on your own. You can choose an offender discussed in the text, online, from other books, or any other resource (at the discretion of the professor). Once you select your offender, you will:

  • Discuss if the offender fits the common profile of the serial murder offender. This requires much more than providing a biography of the serial killer.
  • Apply a typology used in the text and apply it to the offender. In doing so, explain how the offender aligns with the typology.
  • Discuss how the particular offender’s crimes were solved (if applicable: if they were unresolved, discuss this, too); and the resolution of the case.
  • Cite sources using APA format. There is no required length for this paper. However, it must be comprehensive and fulfill all necessary requirements. Please make sure it looks clean and clear.

Examples of why I do not focus on length:

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Serial offender profile paper | CCJ 3628 | Florida International University, Modesto A. Maidique Campus
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Example 1: Excerpt of a poor paper (the paper goes on and on but does not address anything in the prompt in any meaningful way):

Ridgway thot of as behavior manipulator, deceitful and inconsideration for the rights and feeling of people. Ridgeway is callous and don’t care who he hurt. Considered to be psychological unstable exhibiting characters linked with anti-personality disorder as well as borderline personality disorder. This means he don’t care about the victims or the family.

Example 2: (poor paper; another class)

In this country there is lot controversy surround the being arrested process. due to many incident of police brutality many people are on edge when they see police. Police are not being trained in proper way to deal with the confronting people. I feel in situation they use excess force and because lack of being tained. as a result has led to people being afraid to police all together and that should not be. Police are here to protect the community and its citizens not put fear in them. Police need to be trained to not make people afraid of them. Police being trained help.

From the above, I hope you can see why I would prefer that you focus on your writing and content. Reading ten pages of the above styled writing isn’t meaningful to the assignment. They are poorly written and painfully redundant in aims of taking up space. Please address the prompt you choose in a comprehensive way. Identify and define concepts when appropriate, apply reasoning and ideas from the course material, provide examples when reasonable, and edit your work prior to submission.

Other formatting: Use APA style (Links to an external site.)

[typologies include -organized/disorganized; Visionary, Hedonistic/sadistic, etc. See Hickey Ch. 1 for a start -or you may seek alternative sources]

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