Short reading responses | Literature homework help

Sep 13, 2023

Due Date: 8/29/2023

Assignment Instructions:
● Read the reading “USEFUL PHRASES FOR IMMIGRANTS” (attached)
● Write two responses (TO-DOs) based on the reading

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Short reading responses | Literature homework help
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Response #1: [In the story, Guili interacts with people in a number of different social
environments. In each instance, language becomes an issue. Take a moment to consider
how her reliance on phrases from a phrase book affects her ability to engage with the
clerk. What are the consequences to her as an individual that she is relying on those
phrases to express herself? In what ways do those phrases create her identity? Then
compare that to her attempt to pronounce her son’s preferred name, Ted. She is unable to
pronounce the name, despite her earnest attempt to do so. What does this mean about her
ability to interact with her son? What are the consequences for her inability to represent
him as he chooses to be represented, despite wanting to? And in a broader sense, how is
language tied to power in this story?]


1. Write at least 200 words considering how language and identity connect in this
story, particularly focusing on the consequences. Use at least 3 direct quotes in
your answer.

2. Write at least 100 words on a time when YOU were represented inaccurately by
someone else or were unable to represent yourself as you would have preferred
(give specific details here; vague or hypothetical answers won’t suffice). In
particular, discuss what caused the inaccuracy and what the consequences were of
being inaccurately represented.

(Total of approximately 300-350 words)

Response #2: [In the story, the reader finds a woman whose life experience is shaped and
in some ways determined by the limitations of her language ability, as well as the
consequences she experiences as a result. The article deals with an aspect of the
relationship between language use and depression, which both is and shapes experience
and has serious consequences. But despite these similarities, the article has significantly
different aims than the work of fiction, and its form is guided by its goals. For this
exercise, answer in very brief (2-3 sentence) responses to the following prompts giving
specific quotes from the article or story to support each:]

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