Social science post week 7 | SOCY 100 6984 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY | University of Maryland Baltimore

Sep 13, 2023

Family, Religion, and Medicine as Social Institutions


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Social science post week 7 | SOCY 100 6984 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY | University of Maryland Baltimore
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Must post first.


This week, our learning resources (UMGC, n.d.) have examined three key social institutions: family, religion, and medicine. Social institutions change and shift over time, affecting other social institutions and society as a whole.

Choose one of the three social institutions (family, religion, or medicine). Then address both of the following parts in your main post:

Part 1. Based on your readings this week, use one of the three main sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) to examine how the institution you chose operates in society. Be sure to explain the theory as part of your response.

Part 2. Go to the 

Pew Research Center website
 and find an article from the past three years that provides research findings about some aspect of the institution you chose. What did you learn from this article? Share two or three key findings from the research. Does this research contribute to your theoretical explanation in part 1?  If so, how, and if not, why not?

Responses to Classmates: When responding to classmates, respond to posts that chose a different institution than you did.

References and Citations

Here is the reference you should cite in your main post:

University of Maryland Global Campus. (n.d.). 
Week 7. Education, work, and the economy. Document posted in UMGC SOCY 100 online classroom, archived at 

Make sure to include the complete reference information at the end of your post. In addition to the UMGC learning resources, be sure to include full reference information for your Pew Research Center article and cite it in the post.

When referring to the different topics of the material in the learning resources within your posts, use the following citation format: (UMGC, n.d., name of topic). 

For example
(UMGC, n.d., Family as a Social Institution) or (UMGC, n.d., Religion as a Social Institution).

If you use any additional sources in your posts, be sure to cite them in the post and include the full reference information at the end of the post. To learn more about how to cite in APA style, visit the UMGC Library at 

APA 7th Edition Citation Examples: General Rules

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