Social work and human services

Sep 11, 2023


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  • Subject: Social Work and Human Services
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Social work and human services
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 Issue and cause

Briefly describe the community and the issue they are facing. Identify the root causes or systemic factors that have contributed to the problem, the overall goal of the effort, and some of the tactics employed by the community.


Discuss ways in which they used confrontational or collaborative approaches and whether they used a strengths or needs-based approach. Where would the effort likely fit in the four-quadrant community change framework?


Identify one or two community practice theories that informed their work. Summarize the theory in a few sentences. Next, discuss what specific goals, strategies or tactics lead you to that conclusion? Please refer to class readings when identifying theories. How helpful were the theories in guiding their work?


Who were the key stakeholders, organizations, and community members engaged in the case study? How well did they engage key stakeholders, organizations or community members in the process?

Human rights

Describe how the social change effort sought to advance fundamental human rights such as freedom, safety, privacy, an adequate standard of living, healthcare, and education. Identify the specific human rights or social justice appeals made by the group and discuss the effort’s effectiveness in advancing those rights or demands for justice.


Based on what you learned this semester, what do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this effort? What suggestions would you have for strengthening the effort? 

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