Sociology paper at least b,b+

Aug 10, 2023

2.  Short Papers  

This class emphasizes writing and analytical skills.  During the semester, you will write three short papers.  Grades will be on a 10-point scale and perfect scores will be reserved for papers that are exceptional.  When you receive graded papers, they will have a few main comments on them.  These are not the only changes you need make, rather they represent the major changes you should make to improve your paper.  Be sure that you keep these comments in mind as your write the next paper.

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Sociology paper at least b,b+
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All papers must begin with a brief introductory paragraph that declares the theme for the paper and provides an overview of the main points of the paper, in the order they will appear. All paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence that states your point for that paragraph.  Each paragraph should draw on several pieces of evidence.  Short papers often ask for your opinion, or ask you to weigh the components of a debate, but your papers should not be informal.  They should be written in a formal voice for a college educated audience and should be based closely on the readings from class.  No slang, no contractions, no wordy phrases.  Write a short, succinct, well-supported essay.  Be sure to include specific facts, numbers, percentages, arguments, examples, from the readings.  You must cite the source of all facts and examples, using the author’s last name and the page number (Acker p. 18).  Refer to authors by the last name only, do not provide titles of articles.  No need for a bibliography as the course syllabus serves as the bibliography.   Do not use cover sheets or special binders.  Staple.   Do not quote the readings as the papers are short and I cannot grade the quotes. Be sure to deal with rather than ignore your opponents.  Papers are due as listed.  Papers handed in after the designated time will lose one point per any portion of a day they are lateShort Paper #3  Write a 3-page paper, double-spaced, based on Grandmothers at Work Begin by interviewing a grandmother who works and helps to care for her grandchildren.   Think of this as the 49thinterview for the book. Then write a 3-page paper in which you describe the three most important joys and three most important challenges faced by working grandmothers in the US.  In each paragraph, begin with a specific subtheme, and then be sure to include specific concepts, examples, and/or evidence # $ %  from the book and from your interview to support your points.  Use the conclusion to describe a US social policy you would support to reduce the pressures on working grandmothers.  The paper should be based 70% on my book and 30% on your interview.  Be sure to cite (MHM p, 72).   Do not quote the book as I cannot grade the quotes.



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