Stakeholder buy-in | Computer Science homework help

Aug 7, 2023



Effectively applying enterprise architecture is no easy task. To be successful, it demands collaboration and clear communication between architects and stakeholders. If stakeholders don’t have buy-in, they may be reluctant to adopt the architecture into their enterprise and it may ultimately fail.

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Stakeholder buy-in | Computer Science homework help
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Consider the following:

  • How do you convince and motivate non-technical stakeholders to support your initiatives?
  • How do you calculate a stakeholder’s expected value or objective?
  • What happens when a stakeholder objective conflicts with an enterprise objective?
  • What are some communication strategies for maintaining stakeholder support?
  • How do modelling languages and semantic/symbolic models help?
  • What are your own personal opinions regarding the usefulness and capabilities of the various graphical languages and modelling techniques shown so far?

Response Parameters

  • Posts should be 200 words minimum in length

Use scholarly article for source and reference.

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