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Aug 9, 2023

 In this activity, you will be collecting some data and finding discrete statistics of the data by hand and using the TI calculator function. Overall, you should use complete sentences where possible, proper grammar, and cite any resources used. When naming your thread use your last name and the DF Module (ie., Rosenberry DF 1).You are to show and explain your work for each question. Follow directions carefully!COMPLETE DISCUSSION FORUM POST 1 BEFORE POST 2 AND POST 3. See Assignment Summary for due dates. There is a 10 point penalty for submitting Post 1 after the due date.
Post 1: Find the following values working each one by hand. Show each step! Use the methods given in the textbook.

  1. Collect a set of 10 real, quantitative data values. Do this by asking people or observing items. For example, find the heights of 10 adults, find the annual income of 10 adults, measure the lengths of 10 different cars, record the number of children in 10 households, etc. The possibilities are endless! Make sure to completely describe and list the data so your classmates will understand your results and can check your results.
  2. Calculate the mean. Show and explain your work.
  3. Calculate the median. Show and explain your work.
  4. Calculate the mode. Show and explain your work.
  5. Calculate the range. Show and explain your work.
  6. Calculate the variance. Show and explain your work.
  7. Calculate the standard deviation. Show and explain your work

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Statisticsmd1 | Statistics homework help
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