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Sep 14, 2023


Executive Summary

Capstone Products is looking to track customer purchases to increase their sales and offer rewards to loyal customers. This project will be to create a plan for a rewards program consisting of a member database for Capstone Products. The database will track all product offerings by Capstone Products and assign a specified rewards value to each product. Customers will be tracked in the database system and be awarded points based on which products are purchased. Cheaper products are worth less points than more expensive products. Products also have a point redemption value for which points can be traded for free products. Customer points accounts will be updated as more purchases are made, and points can be redeemed for free products when sufficient points are accumulated. Project will consist of a project charter, database design diagram/document, security plan document, budget, project plan and recommendation on the setup of the rewards program. Implementation of the rewards program will allow Capstone Products to better track customer purchases, increase sales, and reward loyal customers.[MM1] 

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Summary work!! | Information Systems homework help
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Executive summary completed during Saturday 3PM meeting consisting of Meghan, Suhag, Kendall, and Michael. [MM1]

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