Supervising solicitor has asked you to produce a written analysis of Karens statement which identifies possible breaches of the law and PACE Codes by me police: Criminal litigation Assignment UoL, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Criminal litigation

You work for a firm of isolators. Laws R Us LLR. as a paralegal. Your firm acts for Karen Golightly who Is seeking advice about her arrest by the police. Your supervising solicitor has taken Karen’s instructions and drafted a statement which Karen has signed. This statement sets out Karen’s version of events in relation to what happened before and after her arrest. Your supervising solicitor has asked you to produce a written analysis of Karen’s statement which identifies possible breaches of the law and PACE Codes by me police and your reasons why you think there may be breathing dine law and PACE Codes. Your supervising solicitor Is also concerned Mal the solicitor *to represented Karen at the police station may not have acted in a professional and competent manner You are asked to also comment on this. You should also win* on the next steps that Karen could take.
Your analysis should not exceed 3000 words (excluding indented quotations and bibliography). Work must be properly referenced and must use the OSCOLA system and include a bibliography

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Supervising solicitor has asked you to produce a written analysis of Karens statement which identifies possible breaches of the law and PACE Codes by me police: Criminal litigation Assignment UoL, UK
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Statement of: Karen Golightly
Address: 36 Cooper Avenue Cambridge
Telephone: 858574664
DOB – 16/0111974
Occupation: Office Cleaner

I am 47 years old. I am choroid and I have one child. Georpevitio is 18 years old. George Wed with me until recently but now lives with his father as he was able to gel employment in London where his father Wes. I work as an office cleaner for Chentridge Sloth Investments PLC. My hours are 4.30 in – 7 30 pm each weekday. I have worked as a cleaner for this company for three yews. I also have a part-time job every weekday and Saturday miming as aces her n the Groat Value Supermarket in South Road. Chelntndge. On Thursday 11° March 2021 I went to work as usual at Chelmbridge Stock Investments PLC. I arrived at 4.30 pm and my first job is to sort out the rubbish bins in the post room and reception area Al about 5 pm I started nark cleaning the offices of We staff that had gone home. Members of staff have a key for their dace but I have a master key which 1 pock up every day from the security elites and returns at the end of my work. There are always members of staff welting late In We evening I knock on their door and ask If they want me to dean Thee office or leave 8 to later I old my work, as usual, Mal evening

Over the three years of working as the office cleaner I have from time to tame seen valuable Items left on office desks. These items can be phones. lap top comp./tens and other equipment From brie to boo I have seen money left on the desk. They can be anything from a few coins to an f20 rate. Move never taken anything and it would never ace mind to steal anything. I have never been in trouble vain the police. During that evening I do not recall seeing any money left on office desks and certainly not a pee of notes. I left the office at 7.30 pm and went home. At about 945pm the doorbell rang. 011 answering the door I saw two police officers in uniform. I was shocked and thought they were bringing bad news about a member of the family. I tweed them in. One of the officers. with 1 now know to be police cantatas Victor* Burns asked me if I had worked at ChetMbridge Sleek InvestmentS ashler in tie evening. !saki I had and the officer then said. ‘some money has gone rnmsang from an alike and we want to ask you about that ” I told to officer I did not know anything about missing money. At that point, I did not cease Mal they thought I NW taken the money. The officer lien said. ‘did you dean office 10 on the second Coot Me office of Mr. Mcsganlz?” I told the officer that I had The officer then said E300 has gone missing from Mr. Molgentes’s desk. I said I had not seen Vie money on Na’s desk.

The other police officer. who I now know to be police constable Martin Owusu said. ‘fl are vane b search for the money now. • I was very upset as I was being accused of stealing. I told the officers they were not going to search my house as I had not taken any money. Hot/ever. they Fast slatted looking in things. In a cupboard in my lounge they found money in an envelope ! had been saving up for a holiday. There was f375. I staled to explain that the was the money I had saved but police constable Bums sad. ‘you are coming with us I was stunned and frightened. I did not know what to say so. I was grabbed by the arm and marched to a police car which was outside my house. On the journey to the plies statists, the allows kept asking ma about my at the missing money. I kept saying I had not taken the money. By the time I got to the police station I was hieing unwell, I suffer from high blood pressure and when I am stressed I can have breathing problems. When I was taken to see the custody crow my breathing was rapid and I felt a lithe dizzy. I was asked for my name and access. Mold the custody officer I was lean° ill and had drafty breathing normally. She ad does not reply to that I was then put in a cat welch was very cold. I think it must have been about I I pm. I sal for about one hour feeling ill and upset and very frightened The custody officer then ante to cell to offer me a cup of tea She then sad. ‘do you want a lawyer it wit that Pings up you do and therefore f advises you not to get a lawyer I thought that I should have a tawyer end I told the custody officer that I wanted a lamer. I also 54A again I was feeling unwell but she just shrugged he shedders and sad that if I was she feeling unwell In the morning she would call a dolor.

I did eventually fall asleep but I was awoken by the custody office( at 3 am to be told that a solicitor would come at 8 am I was awoken at 8 am and taken to a room A Wolof called MI Lawrence Smith introduced him to sell and said ho would represent ng me. Mr. Lawrence said he did not know why I was at the poke Matco but that we should get the ‘Memo* over and done with I Started to Ogden I was feting very unwell. Mr. Lawrence then said that was a good reason for getting the into mow over and done with. We then went into another room with p.c Bums who said she was gang to interview me. She told me trial Mr hlorgantz had left E300 on his desk and that he had gone to speak to a colleague but had locked his office door When he returned to his once he noticed the office had been cleaned but the money was missing The officer said I had taken the money She marled asking at sons of questions about my financial situation I looked at Mr. Lawrence and asked him if I shoed answer. He sal shrugged his shoulders and said. VS up to you I fold p c Bums that I was not answering her questions. P c. Burns became very angry at that pant and said II I did not answer her question. I was going to be a police station for a very long time, Mr. Lawrence did not say anything. At that point, there was a knock on the door and p c Owusu asked p c Bums to come outside. A few minutes later she came back into the roan and explained that MrMorgantz had found his money Apparently, the money was caught up in a pile of papers and had never been missing I was lord I could go. As I leg the police Maras IN Lawrence said he would send me his bill for representing me. On my way home I collapsed and I red to spend two days n hospital with severe high blood pressure,
I would like Laws R Us to advise me to cut the behavior of the police and Mr. Lawrence.
Karen Golightly

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