Swot | Accounting homework help

Sep 14, 2023


Part of what makes a business successful is to look at internal and external forces, processes, activities, personnel and strategy to see how things are going. Often this evaluation is done through conducting a SWOT analysis.  Create a SWOT analysis for your internship site. Use this link SWOT.xlsx.   Use this link to review details on how to conduct a SWOT analysis: 

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Swot | Accounting homework help
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  • Create a SWOT analysis and upload to GAP including the following:
    • A brief description of your internship.
    • Strengths analysis of your internship site.
    • Weaknesses analysis of your internship site.
    • Opportunities analysis of your internship site.
    • Threats analysis of your internship site.
  • Be sure to use the Indeed resource to guide your SWOT analysis.

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