Systematic Identification And Use Of A Range Of Academic Textbooks: Econometrics Assignment, LHU, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Econometrics


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Systematic Identification And Use Of A Range Of Academic Textbooks: Econometrics Assignment, LHU, UK
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Systematic identification and use of a range of academic textbooks, many of which will be econometric textbooks, although not exclusively. Marks are awarded for the range of econometric and academic textbooks utilized and suitably referenced. Additional marks will be awarded to students who quote and utilize from econometric journals, although it is expected that at this study level this may be the exception rather than the rule. No marks are awarded for information gleaned from the Internet.


The analysis here refers to the examination, interpretation, and discussion of the results of your empirical econometric investigation as it relates to the assessment brief, where sources of material are both of a theoretical and empirical nature.

By results is meant not just regression results but tables of frequencies, and graphs produced using the data supplied for the coursework.

Subject Knowledge 

Understanding and application of subject knowledge and underlying principles. Note that a student may state relevant knowledge in answering the coursework question, but may not apply such knowledge sufficiently in the analysis: having knowledge does not guarantee analysis. In addition, the application of subject knowledge will require technical competency which is explained below.

Technical Competency

This criterion is defined as the demonstration of the skills to enable the evaluation and execution of ideas appropriate to the assessment; E.g. well-thought-out specifications are required for this econometric exercise; appropriate mathematical equations; appropriate theoretical diagrams which help answer the coursework question; logical analysis and discussion using appropriate theoretical concepts for discursive or quantitative style assessments; use of mathematical techniques where appropriate in more quantitative assessments. All tables, and diagrams, must be constructed by yourself and not copied and pasted.

Under these criteria, the Stata do-file and Stata log file submitted will also be evaluated. The do-file must contain a “date stamp” in its list of commands.

The preceding is not an exhaustive list.

 Communication and Presentation 

Clarityofpurposeintheexpositionoftheassessment; skills in the selected mode of media in which the assessment is conducted (e.g.Equation Editoranddrawing facility in Word both professionally utilized); awareness and adoption of appropriate conventions (e.g. use of Harvard referencing; punctuation, grammar, and English prose that reads well); awareness of the nature of the audience (is the assessment for the lecturer; a ‘public’ report; an academic audience); work approaching expected employer standards or publication standards in academic journals.

Under no circumstances should any figure be copied and pasted into the final coursework document that has not been created in the econometric package Stata. This includes tables of results generated within Stata. Appropriate do-files should be used for producing results in a word document. Marks will be deducted if this is not adhered to.

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