Term paper assignment sci 110sc – research paper guidelines overview

Aug 7, 2023


Term Paper Assignment SCI 110SC – Research Paper Guidelines

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Term paper assignment sci 110sc – research paper guidelines overview
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Most current energy needs are met through the burning of fossil fuels that produce CO2 in the process. The use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum) is so ubiquitous we do not even think about it. The food we eat is farmed by tractors, harvested by combines, and then transported by trucks. Our electricity is generated predominately from burning coal or natural gas. In every facet of our lives, we utilize fossil fuels, or others do on our behalf, to produce the goods we purchase. The “carbon footprint” (i.e., the amount of CO2 emitted in tons per year) for the average American is more than 20 tons! For the Research Paper, you will examine your daily routine and determine the CO2 that you generate as a result.


Write the paper in executive summary format:

APA format.

~700 words (not counting bibliography or appendix; add tables and figures as an appendix).

Double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins.

Be succinct! Brevity is important, but completeness of your analysis is not excused by the word requirement.

Cite facts. Do not simply offer unsupported opinion. Indicate how you know the CO2 levels for the sources producing it in your life. Cite sources of this information in the text, and include each reference in the bibliography.

Do not plagiarize. Use your own words. Do not quote directly. Summarize the source in your own words.

Ideas are the most important. You will be graded on how well you defend your carbon footprint estimate. How complete an analysis do you present? It is not important that you do or do not generate much CO2 for this assignment; however, if you do not, you must explain how you are avoiding doing so. Be sure to give all specifics for your calculations.

You must include a bibliography. On a separate page following your narrative, list your sources in APA style in the order cited in your paper. Papers without a bibliography will not be accepted (and are plagiarism, anyway).

Use the best sources. Peer-reviewed sources provide the best information. Books must be approved by publishers, magazine and newspaper articles are reviewed by editors, and scientific journal articles are reviewed by panels of scientists before the article in question is printed. Be aware that this is not true of the Internet!

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