Timeline history | Education homework help

Jul 20, 2023

 Begin  your History of Science timeline using Excel or another template that  is approved by your instructor. Create a timeline and add 5 events to  the timeline from the time period “Ancient Sciences,” as defined in this  class. The events should cover a wide range of sciences, technology,  math, and engineering (i.e., they can’t all be mathematics related or  all astronomy related, etc.).  In each major time period, you will need  to identify and describe at least one event that is attributed to a  member of an underrepresented population (female or minority). Each  entry needs a date and a 4-5 sentences describing the event, its significance, and a connection to its social context.   You will share one of these events in the forum this week as well.  Be  sure to keep a list of sources used in creating your timeline. Ideally,  we want to practice APA formatting, so try to provide your references in  that format 

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Timeline history | Education homework help
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