Understanding Indonesia’s Political Aspect Is Essential Because It Evaluates The Democracy: Master Of Political Science Thesis, UoB, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Master Of Political Science


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Understanding Indonesia’s Political Aspect Is Essential Because It Evaluates The Democracy: Master Of Political Science Thesis, UoB, UK
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Understanding Indonesia’s political aspect is essential because it evaluates the democracy and the type of government in place. Most Indonesian citizens are Muslims, and the social values are based on ethnolinguistic heterogeneity due to the diverse religious believes. Most of the citizens are Muslims; however, other religious faiths have led to the national motto of “unity in diversity,” due to the diversity, there have been continuous nation-building and democracy in the country (Ford &Pepinsky, 2013).

The study focuses on the political comparison and the constitutional amendments of the constitution that led to drastic changes in all three arms of government (Beittinger-Lee, 2013). The political parties have been featured as cartel parties

Aims and Objectives

The political landscape of Indonesia has significantly changed due to the constitutional amendments that were carried out. The changes have ensured that there is political stability and liberal democracy is enhanced during the election process. The changes were effected in the political arena leading to national, regional representations making the end of the political riots (Beittinger-Lee, 2013). To fully understand the research aim, specific questions arose during the study where the objectives were created. With the research gap on the political comparison in Indonesia, the following questions aroused the interest to establish more information:

1. What are the political amendments that were carried out on the constitution?

2. How did the changes affect the different arms of government?

3. What is the impact that was created on democracy after the constitutional changes?

4. What political actions have been put in place to ensure the changes enhance liberal democracy in the country?

The research objectives focus on how the set aims and the research questions will be achieved. The following actions will be essential to attain the research aims:

1. Doing a literature review on the subject matter to acquire more information and eliminate the existing research gap.

2. Using various research methods to collect both primary and secondary data will be evaluated to understand the impact of the political changes.

3. Analyzing the data collected to evaluate the political comparison in Indonesia.

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