Unit 7 as: international leadership

Aug 10, 2023

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the motivating factors of different cultures. In today’s global workforce, an organization is comprised of a variety of cultures. It’s important to understand the workforce to better lead and motivate them.

Reflect on the differences between the culture in China and the culture in the United States and how the differences influence the types of incentives a firm might offer to motivate its employees. Using the readings, lecture, and your own scholarly research, complete an incentive analysis for China and the United States with the purpose of motivating workers. Address the following in your paper:

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Unit 7 as: international leadership
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  • What is the motivation culture of China and of the United States?
  • What does a U.S. firm setting up operations in China need to know about the work culture of a Chinese employee?
  • What incentives should an international manager offer to motivate Chinese workers of an American company?

Use critical thinking to apply depth and breadth. Be concise and address each country’s culture with respect to incentives and motivation. Go beyond description and restating the facts. This writing assignment is required to be completed in the standard APA format. Minimum 2 pages (not including title and reference pages). Abstract not required.

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