Use the Table Below to Present to Doctors Without Borders Information: Biology Assignment, UO, UK

Dec 11, 2023


Subject Biology

Question 1 Use the table below to present to Doctors Without Borders information on the possible control and treatment measures for the diseases. Place a yes in the box if it is possible to use the treatment and a no if it is not.

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Use the Table Below to Present to Doctors Without Borders Information: Biology Assignment, UO, UK
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Cholera Sleeping sickness HIV Antibiotics Phage therapy Monoclonal antibody therapy Antiviral drugs antiprotozoal drugs vaccination Environmental modification Closed sewers Sewerage treatment Clean drinking water Hand hygiene Information and education Food hygiene ORT IV rehydration /blood transfusion Condoms Give a brief overview of how the following treatments work; antibiotics, antiviral drugs, ORT, vaccination, and provision of clean water and sewage treatment in treating or reducing the outbreak of disease.

Question 2 Not all theoretically possible treatments are used. You need to identify the reasons for using those treatments that are used and those that, although possible are not. Use the landscape and insert a table as shown below sleeping sickness cholera HIV Treatments/preventative measures routinely used Measures which in theory could be used but are not, briefly explain why Differences that may be present between the treatment /prevention of disease between countries LL For Cholera only Look at the main WHO recommendations in their program for treatment and eradication of cholera and explain why they have chosen these recommendations.

Question 3 Sleeping sickness Evaluate the Edinburgh research in Uganda. To do the evaluation answer these questions.

1. Explain why it is an innovative technique.

2. What is its claimed success rate?

3. Do you think this is estimate is reliable and why? 4. What are the specific advantages of this technique (if you can compare it to others)?

5. Is this method applicable to all areas of Africa where the disease is prevalent? Now research one of the previously tried methods and analyze it in a similar way.

Explain what treatments are available to individuals that have the disease.

Discuss the effectiveness and safety of treatment at different stages of the disease progression.

Find the number of new drugs which have been produced for this disease over the last 50 years.

Find the number of new drugs that have been produced for HIV over the last 50 years. Contrast these numbers and analyze why this might be the case.

Cholera Evaluate the methods used to prevent cholera outbreaks and their success or otherwise.

Evaluate the reasons for not giving general prophylaxis to a population at risk.

Evaluate the reasons for not using a phage as prophylaxis.

Evaluate the reasons for not giving monoclonal antibodies or antibiotics as a treatment to sick individuals.

Evaluate reasons why oral rehydration therapy is the treatment of choice for uncomplicated cholera cases.

HIV Produces a similar evaluative action for the treatment and prevention of HIV.

Write a concluding paragraph to Doctors without Borders saying why you think they should support research to help develop treatment and eradication programs for these diseases.


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