Week 1 a | Operations Management homework help

Sep 13, 2023

For each of the assignments, find a recent (within the last two months) article in the Wall Street Journal that connects to the assigned chapters.  Save a pdf of it or copy and paste into a Word document.  Upload that to the assignments tab for the week.  Do not simply include the link to the article.  For the assignment, write at LEAST 1,000 words (no more than 2,500, please) about the article.  Connect it to what you have learned from the textbook, either conflicting or backing up what the authors have written, citing the textbook when appropriate.  Also, discuss how it will impact workplaces now and in the future.  Feel free to add any additional information you wish to.  Do use at least one outside source as well as the class text and cite those sources using APA style. Citing the article itself would suffice for the outside source.  Include a reference section at the end of the assignment in APA format.

This is The article 

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Week 1 a | Operations Management homework help
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