Week 1 case analysis (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)

Aug 9, 2023


 Week 1 Case Analysis         

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Week 1 case analysis (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)
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9781284200171_CASE_A Medical Group Explodes.pdf 

Read the attached case, the textbook chapters, and watch the videos to be able to analyze the case.

This case describes a situation that has commonly occurred in health  care.  Two organizations, in this case medical groups have decided to  merge.  They do so not out of an initial desire to merge, but rather  facing the realities of a marketplace that is changing around them.   However as the descriptions suggest there may have been an initial  superficial logic to the group’s attraction to each other.  On one hand  there is a large multi-specialty group practice, and the other partner  was a good-sized primary care group that would join forces with a  significantly stronger group that has many specialties to which it might  refer.

However, as the board meetings suggest, as well as the description  infers, these groups are different.  Tensions arise in a meeting.  The  challenge and central question are can this partnership survive or is a  divorce in the making?  Consider the 7-S approach as you think about  these questions:

1.  Do these two groups share the same values?  One must wonder if in  their early merger discussion did they ever discuss what the values  were that they were bringing to the table?

2.  Consider the structure of the groups and how they differ in  decision making?  Compensation?  Style?  Consider how each group goes  about managing their practice locations and the front-facing approach to  the customer.

3.  Staff- it is not easy to suggest one group is of a higher quality  than the other, but their approaches to the staff seem to be different  in terms of reward.  

 For each group to recognize it is time to change is admirable, join a  larger organization or merge.  Was this a rush to judgment?

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