Week 3 discussion theories | Psychology homework help

Aug 9, 2023


Part A:

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Week 3 discussion theories | Psychology homework help
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Part B:

Look through the TED and TEDx talks that are available online and select one that is related to the topics covered in our course this week.

Watch the video and then post for us here in the Discussion Board a synopsis of the video. In your synopsis, describe what was presented and explain (don’t just mention) two specific ways that the presented content aligns with, exemplifies, clarifies, or casts some doubt on concepts that were presented in your readings.

Please include APA-style citations for the video you refer to.

Identify at least one peer-reviewed research study conducted in the last seven years and published in the scientific psychological literature that is related to topics covered this week. Deconstruct the methods and results and explain the implications of the research.

 Complete the following readings from your textbook, Human Learning:

  • Chapter 5: Social Cognitive Theory

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