Week 4 conclusion | American history homework help

Aug 7, 2023

In a post of at least 100 words, address the items below:

  • Explain how has your understanding of the American Dream changed as a result of this course.
  • Reflect on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which for many signifies hope. Do you believe there is hope for the American Dream? Choose at least one image from the song lyrics or video that signifies your new understanding of the American Dream.

Imagine – John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers)
User: n/a – Added: 12/18/16YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkgkThdzX-8
Click here for song lyrics (a new window will open)

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Week 4 conclusion | American history homework help
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