Week 5 assigment | Nursing homework help

Sep 13, 2023


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Week 5 assigment | Nursing homework help
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Week 5 NLN Education Webinar and Points 40

· Submitting a text entry box or a file upload

Throughout this course we will explore various educational concepts through continuing education via on-demand webinars. This week you will attend two webinars of your choice focused on education/teaching/learning from the American Academy of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). These webinars are free to staff, faculty, and students of AACN member schools. You can document these webinar hours as part of your time log this week in addition to any work you do with/for your preceptor.

After viewing your webinars, create and submit a 2-paragraph
MAX reflection of each webinar addressing the following:

1. Why you chose the webinar

2. How the information enhanced your knowledge of nursing education

3. How you can apply this information to your practicum and future role as an educator

The write-up should include the following format:

1. No longer than 2 pages (submit overview for both webinars on the same document)

2. APA formatting

3. Include the title of the webinar in the level 1 heading for each overview

Follow the instructions below to access the webinars:

1. Navigate to



Links to an external site.

2. Create an account via “log-in” link on upper right-hand corner of page

Be sure to use your WCU email or you will not get free access to webinars

3. Follow the “Academic Nursing” tab and navigate to the “Online Learning Center”.

4. From there you will find a link for “On Demand Webinars.”


A screenshot of a webinar  Description automatically generated


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