What we can say with absolute certainty about serial killersWhat we can say with absolute certainty about serial killers

Feb 15, 2024

1. The goal of retributive justice is conviction and punishment.

A. True

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What we can say with absolute certainty about serial killersWhat we can say with absolute certainty about serial killers
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B. False

2. Peacemaking circles do NOT involve discussions between the victim, offender, their support systems and the community.

A. True

B. False

3. Which is not one of the four “”crime phases”” of murderer behavior that investigators use to develop offender profiles and gain insight into their personalities?

A. body disposal

B. antecedent

C. method and manner

D. pre-offense behavior

4. This killer placed Internet requests for young homosexual men interested in “”slaughter and consumption”” and received many serious responses. After meeting and rejecting four men because they were not suitable, he found a willing man in an Internet chat room. After the killing, the victim was butchered and kept in a refrigerator. By the time the homosexual paraphiliac was caught he had cannibalized most of the victim.

A. Charles Albright

B. Gary Heidnik

C. Jeffrey Dahmer

D. Armin Meiwes

5. What are healthcare providers who murder often diagnosed with?

A. major depressive disorder

B. Munchausen syndrome

C. body dysmorphic disorder.

D. bipolar disorder

6. What we can say with absolute certainty about serial killers?

A. They all fit into one single behavioral profile.

B. With few exceptions, they all act alike.

C. We can fit them into three behavioral profiles.

D. We cannot fit them into one single behavioral profile.

7. In recent years, cases of team serial murder in the United States have _____.

A. increased sharply

B. increased slightly

C. decreased sharply

D. stayed the same

8. Between 1995 and 2004 the cases of serial murder _____.

A. sharply declined

B. rose only a little

C. stayed the same as before 1975

D. sharply inclined

9. A man of low self-esteem, this offender killed children and young women in and around train stations. A paraphilic killer with a history of scopophilia and pedophilia, he routinely stabbed out the eyes of his victims to avoid their stare and frequently practiced anthropophagy.

A. Andrei Chikatilo

B. Jeffery Dahmer

C. Douglas Clark

D. Charles Albright

1. Bias-crime victims and their supporters have been able to improve the response of the criminal justice system in a number of ways. Outline and discuss two of the recent positive changes that have appeared in the criminal justice system with regard to bias crime, and identify the role played by victims and their supporters in forcing these changes.

2. In the aftermath of a traumatic disaster such as a terrorist bombing, victims are likely to be overwhelmed by intense emotions of shock, anxiety, confusion, sorrow, and grief. Identify two programs established to assist this special type of victim, and describe how the methods they use.

3. Why should we be concerned about violence occurring in prisons between inmates?

4. A growing number of victims have discovered they can pursue their alleged wrongdoers and their own best interests via a lawsuit in civil court. Describe and explain at least three of the torts a crime victim can bring to court.

5. Discuss the concept of restorative justice. Include discussion on its purpose and goals as well as records of success or failure.


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