Which of the following statements most accurately reflectsWhich of the following statements most accurately reflects

Feb 15, 2024

1. Which of the following terms best represents the view that biological systems involved in thought and behavior-genes, brain structures, brains cells, etc.-are inherited but are still open to modification from the environment?

Genetic constitution
Mind-body dualism

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Which of the following statements most accurately reflectsWhich of the following statements most accurately reflects
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2. Around the turning of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud developed a form of therapy known as _____________.
cognitive-behavioral therapy
aversion therapy
behavior modification

3. ______________ can be best defined as the study of human culture and origins.

4. Using noninvasive advanced imaging techniques and electrical recordings, _______ study the structure and functions of the living brain.

behavioral neuroscientists

developmental psychologists

positive psychologists

personality psychologists

5. As compared to babies of healthy mothers, babies whose mothers suffered from certain infections when they were pregnant were _____________.

more likely to develop advanced language skills
more likely to develop schizophrenia
less likely to develop an immune response
less likely to engage in peer conflicts as children

6. Common sense, rather than the scientific method, is used by:

research psychologists.
clinical psychologists.
folk psychologists.
social psychologists.

7. According to the view of René Descartes regarding mind-body dualism, the _______.

soul does not survive bodily death

mind controls the body

mind and the body are controlled by our genetic makeup

mind and the body refer to the same entity

8. The industrial side of industrial/organizational psychology:

applies principles of psychology to the selection of employees and evaluate their job performance.

aims to increase productivity and satisfaction of workers by considering how the work environment and management styles influence worker motivation, satisfaction, and productivity.

develops treatments for mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
explores how thought and behavior change and show stability across the life span.

9. Alisha believes that human behavior is solely the result of genetic coding. Her point of view is referred to as the ______________ view.

10. Which of the following behavior patterns was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 1973?

Dissociative identity disorder
Conversion disorder
Anxiety disorder

11. Some of the thinking in the new cognitive movement was based on a book by the British psychologist Frederick Bartlett (1886-1969). Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the views of Frederick Bartlett?

Memory is not an objective and accurate representation of events but rather a highly personal reconstruction based on one’s own beliefs, ideas, and point of view.

Psychology can be a true science only if it examines observable behavior, not ideas, thoughts, feelings, or motives.

A detailed analysis of experience as it happens provides the most accurate glimpse into the workings of the human mind.

Our experiences during childhood are a powerful force in the development of our adult personality.

12. Without chance mutations, which of the following would occur?

The human species would become a superspecies.
Our thoughts and behavior would depend entirely on our genetic makeup.
There would be no evolution.
Our thoughts and behavior would depend entirely on our upbringing and experiences.


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